Adaptability – Creating a global curriculum

Greg Spooner – Adaptability – How to create a global curriculum adaptable to students anywhere.

We’ve made it really easy, for students, for educators, for parents to get involved and that’s to go direct to our educational website, super simple. You go there, every lesson plan that we’ve developed so far is waiting for you and what we have at the moment is an education plan and a curriculum specific to the Atlantic Ocean and another one specific to the Mississippi River; but the beauty of it is that you can take any of this freely accessible curriculum and search through it, find the topics that matter to you or matter to your class and you can adapt these and their built to be adaptable to anywhere you live in the entire world, to any environment. And if something doesn’t look right or if you want to modify it or work with our education team to make it something better and more specific for your classroom, send us an email, give us a phone call, it’s that easy and the real joy in creating this program has been creating something that is needed, that is valuable and that is easy to adapt.