Getting ahead – Timing

Mike Trebbow – Getting ahead – Timing, speed and knowing your audience

Well, timing and knowing your market is a huge part of the game. You have to know who you’re going to be selling to, who your clientele is. In real estate, you have to know your resale market, who your tenants are going to be. For every industry, you have a whole segment of people you have to understand. You have to understand who your end client is going to be.

The timing is a very important element. In real estate and the stock market, it’s really important to understand the trends and how things are important but it’s equally important in all the tech industries, it’s moving so fast. The trends go so fast. If you don’t time it right or you take too long to get your product to market, you might miss the entire window. Somebody else might develop it and shoot right past you, and you’re playing catch up.

Most of the time I see people with great ideas. They’re not succeeding because they’re talking about their ideas, they’re writing notes about their ideas. They’re not implementing them, they’re not getting them out there, getting them finished, working late, staying up all night… finish the product. Start to finish. And then submit it to the market quicker, faster, and better than your competition. That’s how you get ahead.