Future – How to network if you hate networking

John Georgis – Future – hate networking? How to grow without ever swapping business cards.

I was working this corporate job and I liked the people that I was working with but our upper management fired my boss and he was a very smart guy and I thought, well if they’re going to fire him they’re going to fire anybody. So I thought, I can’t do this and then I also start writing what I had to do in an introduction speech for a classical Toast Masters.  And I wrote down who I am and they tell you who you are. Instead of doing that I said, well who do I want to be? Let’s look at the future; not who I was. The story I’m telling myself, who do I want to be and when I wrote that down, I said I don’t want to work for money. I want to work for something that I’m interested in and I wanted to start something. And I was losing interest in performing and doing performing arts but I had no classical training so I had to build my own venue. This is the venue and I wanted it to be a unique venue.