Flexibility – How to pivot on opportunities

Kym McNicholas – Flexibility – How to pivot on opportunities.

You know I think in life, a real key trait for a very successful person is someone who is really opportunistic, because if you look at startups in Silicon Valley most of the startups that are most successful were never exactly what they were originally when that idea was first inspired, they always pivot.

For example, we have BranchOut, which has been considered the Linkedin of Facebook. It is now pivoting because of a new direction Facebook has decided to go with different companies that are using its site as a business.

And if you’re not opportunistic, that company in particular could have gone out of business because of like wow, this is what I set out to do, this is not happening shoot, what do we do, and you can’t see past what you originally set out to do even though it’s though it’s failing so if you are opportunistic you’re going to say wow, this is an opportunity to do something different, how can we shift the business to meet the new market opportunity and that is what really makes a company successful, it’s being able to be adaptable, be opportunistic, look for the opportunities as their evolving and put pivot in your vocabulary and be ok with it.

You can’t look at, you know, just because the idea is different than what you originally have doesn’t mean you’re a failure, you don’t even, failure should not even be in your vocabulary. People who put stripes of failure on their arms, don’t do that because you’re just focusing on, you’re going to attract more failure.

Focus on your successes and the opportunities and you’re going to be even more successful, just remember, it’s not successful by society’s definition, it has to be success by how you define it.