Fear – Find out what holds you back

John Georgis – Fear – Find out who you are & what holds you back.

You are creative, I think you have to free your mind and put away some of the ideas of who you think you are to find out who you are. I think you have to have the freedom to find out who you are. I think a lot of people think they know who they are but I think it takes a lifetime to figure out who you are. So to unshackle yourself from your story of yourself, I think is really an important thing to creativity. You mention some of the earlier things as far as, about the emotional part; Ok so you have this idea, so between September and buying the bus in January, I knew I wanted to do this and I knew I had the money to do this and I knew I could probably swing it and probably can make it successful.

But I didn’t know how to do it so I hired a guy who had a MDA and I hired him as a consultant to look over my number, check my assumptions and he only did it in ten sessions and commence, you had to pay him for ten sessions. So it $1,500.00, $150.00 per session per hour wasn’t cheap. We sat down and I ran my numbers pass him and he said alright “take your expenses: double them; take your revenue pre actions: cut it in half, and if you still make your monthly nut, then you’re fine you can do it” so I said fine” I’ll do that”. My numbers worked out and I still didn’t do it. I still have nine other sessions with this guy and I have to figure out why I wasn’t doing this and what it was, it wasn’t to have the money, the month numbers works. It wasn’t the business plan didn’t work; the business plan was good, I have a business to create, that was fine. What didn’t I know is that:

Fear, Ego and Greed are the things that held me back and I had to get over those, I had to identify exactly what the fear was , what the ego was of letting go of my old past profession white collar going into becoming a bus driver. What my greed was, leaving a good paying job to start up something that might make fifty grand a year; do I really want to do this? So I had to get rid of the fear ego and greed and that took the next nine sessions. Now 1500 bucks seems like a lot of money but what is that in the scope of your life to change your life?