Fear – How to conquer and let go

Anda Gansca – Fear – How to conquer fear and let go to achieve your greatest potential.

Fear is a very interesting topic. I have written about. I have thought about it. I have fought it. And eventually I realized, I cannot really do much about it.

There is no way to really defeat fear because the challenges are always overwhelming, and there is a new challenge every day. They tend to be impossible challenges if you are an entrepreneur, or at least that is what you think until you solve them. And so, there is no way to really kill fear, and I do not think anyone should look at it as such. I think there are ways to control fear, and that is really the only weapon you have against it.

You know, after a period of really intense stress, in the first few months of starting the company, when I really felt like I needed to do everything right, and I was afraid of all the small failures that I could make, and I was, kind of, mapping them out in my head, just, not sleeping at night, I kind of got to a point where I realized that company building is about making less mistakes than good decisions.

And so, when you put them on a balance and it balances out to a positive, and if you are like that then you are a very lucky entrepreneur. You are better than 99 percent of the entrepreneurs out there. And furthermore, fear just does not have a role because ultimately the only thing you do is optimize to be a bit better than a complete failure. And we also, me and my co-founder, who is also a woman,

adopted this idea or concept of crossing the bridge when we get there because you really cannot plan for all the potential scenarios,

which I think, again, is something that women tend to do a lot. So, yeah, it has definitely taught me a lot about how to control my fears, in general, also my insecurities, my desire for constant approval or reaffirmation, which again, I have always felt throughout my life. I do not know if it is something that women feel more or not, but it has been a very challenging task, and I have learned how to let go of the wrong things and take control of the right things, and fear is definitely one of the things you need to let go of.