Fear – Always be afraid

Ben Nunez – Fear – How to always be afraid – The right way.

Many people think that entrepreneurs should not have any fear and that you can’t fear failure and that failure is going to happen whether it’s at a micro level because your business fails or little failures along the way in the creation of your business or the execution of your business that, you know, teach you something.

I think a little bit differently, and I think maybe it comes from sports or other aspects of my life where,

I welcome fear, I have fear inside me but I use it to motivate me to not fail. And I’m ok with failing at little steps along the way, you know, we haven’t been perfect here at BirdBox, we’ve made mistakes and I’m ok with that but what drives me in many ways is that I don’t want BirdBox to fail.

It may, it may not, it could be successful, it could crash and burn and no matter what happens I will be ok. But fear, the fear of failure is something that motivates me in time of challenge and you know I welcome that fear and I, it helps drive me every day. It you know might keep me up at night, it might wake me up in the morning but I like it and so I talk about fear a lot differently that I think other people talk about fear. Again they think: you shouldn’t have any fear, and don’t fear failure, and its part of the process and all, its fine and dandy, but I just think differently and I live with a little bit of fear in me every day because I think it lights a fire under me.