Entrepreneurship – Do you have what it takes?

Anda Gansca – Entrepreneurship – Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

I’m going to start with the most obvious thing which is Role Models. I come from a family of entrepreneurs, my grandmother actually was the first one to ever start a company in my family and she started an illegal business during the communist time in Romania. Started off as an illegal taxi driver and then she created illegal taxi company that was private in a communist regime. And then she just went on to inspire my father to start a business and inspired my mother to start a business and eventually inspired me to start a business. She actually gave me the first money I needed for my first company when everyone else refused to give me any money for KNOTCH and so she’s definitely been a great inspiration for me.

Other than that, I have been very keen on childhood stereotypes, as a woman I think you have to do that a lot more, especially when you decide to become an entrepreneur.

Given where I come from which is a more conservative environment, which you know doesn’t matter it’s in Europe, you can drop locators anywhere around the world, the perception of woman society isn’t that of a: go getter, ball crusher, like let’s go do this, let’s start companies over and over again, and so having the courage to believe I could do that and having the desire to do that, has definitely been very difficult and has helped me become more of a stereotype crusher because of my past.