Money – Childhood lesson about investing

Ben Nunez – Entrepreneurship – How a childhood investment lesson shaped my relationship with money.

So I think what inspired me to become an entrepreneur and pursue a capitalist goal, something that would make me money, is that at a very early age, my dad opened up a spreadsheet when I was probably 11 or 12 years old, and showed me what an investment of a hundred dollars today with a dividend reinvestment, with a certain rate over the course of time, how much money that would end up being. And so he put a hundred dollars in this one cell, put an interest rate, mapped out all the way down 20 years, and showed me how much money that was going to be worth in 20 years. Just 100 dollars. And it opened my eyes to both the investment world and what it means to save money and what compounding interests and what reinvestment means.

But it also just sparked my drive to go create that wealth myself and get that first hundred dollars so that I could start to amass a fortune. And so at a very early age, I’ve learned that, and I credit my father for doing that.