Entrepreneurism – Be your own boss

David Mondell – Entrepreneurism – How to figure out if you’re cut out to be your own boss?

So I think the key for me, when I think about how I became an entrepreneur, is really the fact that when I was growing up I actually grew up in the corporate world in New York, and I worked for several companies, big agencies and I realized that even though I was working for these big companies and agencies I  was  kind of doing my own thing, I never really had a direct boss which is to say I almost never really had a direct boss, when I did it never worked well.

But most of the time I was just given something to do and I went and got it done and built a package, when I was working with a larger company, and it wasn’t until a friend of mine was doing a startup in New York and asked me to come and work with him and the company didn’t last very long, I think it lasted five months, but I also realized wait a minute, this is really what I should be doing because

all of a sudden I had the ability to really make an impact and do things differently, I did things the way I thought they should be done and not have to spend two months trying to get things sold internally in a big corporate environment, and I could make a difference and help people and that’s really where the light bulb went off for me.

Even though I kind of grew up on the corporate side I realized I was always doing my own thing, even if it was in larger corporations and it wasn’t until I realized I could do that for myself that I didn’t have to do it for other people I never looked back, that was the change for me and every now and again I think about I should go back to the corporate world and make the big bucks but it’s just, that thought doesn’t last very long.