Discovery – Tips – Focus on a journey not a destination

Kym McNicholas – Be adventurous – Tips on how to focus on a journey not a destination.

After 19 years of being in the news business and being an anchor and reporter, I decided to jump into the entrepreneurial ring because I had been working with the Miss America program as well, volunteering as the interview coach and the news coach for these young women because in their interviews versus the Miss USA program, their actually asked about their opinions of what‘s happening in the world because they do want a well educated woman because they’re competing for scholarships, it’s the largest scholarship organization in the U.S. 40 million in scholarships given away every single year and so, above and beyond just the pageantry of it, I decided to help my executive director of my program and turn it into more of a self development program and so I really created a program for teaching these young women about what’s happening in the world and really draw upon the facts of the story and their own personal experience in order to form their own opinion and then not only from their own opinion but express it verbally.

And as I was doing this over the past decade, more and more girls, even outside my own program wanted my help and then I thought gosh, how am I going to help all of these girls, I want to and I don’t want to say no and It’s not about helping one girl versus another girl, I need to find a way to mass distribute myself and my content, so first I came up with Point News Trivia, which is the Trivial Pursuit for news, and so the girls could actually get, everyone could get, the questions I was sending out and they could also get the hand written stories and the thought provoking question that helps them draw upon the facts of the story in their own personal experience, to help them formulate their own opinions and then I thought ok, now that they have that how do I take it to the next level and get that one on one coaching with them? I can’t multiply.

And so what I decided to do was create a program that would allow me to tape my questions verbally and then they could tape their answers verbally via webcam and it would all be taped and recorded, this whole thing, and they could send it back to me for feedback and they could take that taped version of the Q & A and send it to their executive director or, what if I could have coaches on hand to help even more people because I still, there’s only one of me, and so I decided to create this platform as a service and then I realized what about beyond news, how could I help even more people beyond this because creating this on demand creative platform, you could, I mean I could help CEO’s actually prepare and practice for their interview with Bloomberg, for their interview with me even, I could help young kids who are just applying for their first job, practice interviewing before they go for their first job interview as a retail clerk over at Chipotle, and so that’s kind of where I’m going with this on demand interview platform and that’s kind of that process of discovery you know and how you start developing a career and where you want to go especially in the entrepreneurial world, I think anyone can become an entrepreneur you just have to enjoy the process and focus on what feels good in the moment and as you focus on what feels good it just keeps getting better and better and better.