Direction – Is your life by design or chance

Sharon Glassman – Direction – Is your life by design or chance.

Was the shift done by design or by chance? It’s a great question. I went from the journalism thing, to getting a job in a corporation. Supposedly a hip corporation. If I told you I was doing this for the local barber, you would not think my job is so hip. It was like a ridiculous underuse of who I am, what I do, and what I cared about. So I would sit in my office, and someone would come in and go does this need a comma? I would go no, and they would go, oh, okay. And that was it. 8 hours later I would leave. We didn’t have computers so you couldn’t be doing anything else. We had a word processor, and only writing one line at a time, so I couldn’t be writing a great American novel. It was a well paid demise. And so when I started doing is getting up earlier in the day, as early as I could, and then going to work  and being like, okay, I just have to sit here and wait for 8 hours and then I’ll go home and work another 8 hours. So something was out of whack. I got tremendously sick. Chronic fatigue, I just, I think my body was just going, come on, man you cannot do this, and was forced to take 2 months off. I went, I done. I’m never going back here.

So I think I waited too long to make the shift, but I got some offers as a freelance writers, and the nice response was people were like, who are you? This stuff is great. When I did my solar shifts, people were like, this is awesome! When I went to my day job, it was like, this needs a comma. So it was pretty clear. The economy was different then, so when I left my feelings as a copyrighter established a career as a voiceover, so I just lifted it, having three income streams. I’m a writer, I’m a professional voice talent, and I’m a professional performer, and these are going to whack some wing, but as long as you have three, you would survive that one picks up or the other one drops down, and that’s definitely something I would advise, is regardless of what you’re doing, all your eggs in one basket is probably a risky to pick your eggs.

And that worked pretty well for a while. It continues to fluctuate. What’s hot and what’s not, and also what I like and I don’t like. So yeah. That’s the little business story.