Creativity – How to stay focused

Daryl Oster & Russ Derickson – Creativity – How to stay focused when you’re too creative.

Daryl Oster: As far as getting in the mode of being creative, I don’t think there is really anything that I do to do that. I don’t have any trouble with being creative; in fact it may be the opposite having too many ideas in the process of focusing on what’s most important and the priority but writing things down when those ideas come write it down anywhere even if I don’t think it’s important right then, go ahead and write it down because it might be important later and then you categorise it. 

Marzena Kmiecik:  So how do you do that, do you have a process of prioritizing?

Daryl Oster: Yes, you know, majoring in whether it’s urgent or not urgent or important or not important and focusing on the important things that are important to do now. So it become more like that and the creativity is in putting everything together and once all those elements are in place it would be

Russ Derickson: Synchronize it

Daryl Oster: Right when I start in on it I lose track of all time, I don’t feel cold or I don’t feel hungry, Brenda fortunately comes and sets food in front of me once in a while otherwise I wouldn’t even know that I was hungry. I could stay up for thirty forty hours without even eating and just focus on you know getting all that out and getting it all written down and stuff and what I’m working on, I have no concept of time or place or anything, I’m just in a different realm and

Marzena Kmiecik:  Is it because you feel passionate about what you’re doing or is it because you know how to focus well?

Daryl Oster: Yes

Russ Derickson: All of the above

Marzena Kmiecik:  What about you Russ?

Russ Derickson: I think inspiration and creativity takes many many many forms. For me inspiration can come from a drive out to the country side. Sometime when I take cross country trips to get into what I call cerebral traction, your mind stretches out when your eyes stretches out to the horizon and you see the scope of the horizon and the path that you drove through the space in the car. Music is another source of inspiration, I also like to meet people that are really committed to what they do and really good at it, worked at it, certainly those who have to put the effort into it.  I like to not just see them perform or read about their work, I actually talk to them because then the ideas can really flow and we mutually support each other in that process and I think that’s sort of collaborative thing is really an important mechanism.

Speaking of all that, that’s why we move forward as a species, that’s what distinguishes us from another species you know, not to diminish at all the intelligence in animals and the feelings they may have, they do but we operate on a whole different level and we have a quest and that quest is going to always be with us; to try to artificially stop it, I think is a big mistake. Does it mean that we do foolish things and dangerous things as a concept of all the precautionary principles of certain things: If there are any reasonable uncertainties that can cause great danger then you don’t do it until you know more about it. So there are limits of what can be the inspiration of your creativity. But other than that, you know, I think that’s how we build as a species; is to press forward.