Connections – How to connect authentically

Anda Gansca – How to authentically connect with your biggest startup supporters.

You know, once I was doing an interview and I got this question. This journalist was like, “Do you have any rules against meeting investors for dinner?” And I was kind of puzzled. I was wondering why she thought that we should have rules, as women. And then I realized, and I started looking into it, that you know, obviously, there is a lot of unnecessary things that happen between women entrepreneurs and investors, and that somehow I had been pretty unaware that, other women entrepreneurs have these rules, and they become very uncomfortable when, whenever investors even tend to hint at the fact that they are a woman, or at their feminine side, or tend to complement them that way.

I do not have any rules. I do not believe that the solution to being a woman in business is to suffocate sexuality or make others suffocate their own. I think the best solution is to actually bring it out in the open and acknowledge. Not necessarily verbally, but verbally if it is needed, that, you know, we are members of the opposite gender. And ass such, there is an implied attraction that happens just because we are animals, and we, as rational creatures, are going to get over it and then we are going to talk about business now. And when you put it that way, the reaction, at least I got, was from the investors that I had this conversation with, has been great, It just ends up becoming a better, bigger friendship, than anything else. If you try to go for the other thing, “No I am not going to have dinner or drinks with any investors, and I am only going to wear turtlenecks,” or, I do not know. I mean, I have heard so many rules. I do not know, it just ends up being very glacial, and fake, and charged. Many times, you just end up having a lot of problems with investors, if you give them that attitude.

So I do not know. Maybe it is wrong the way I think, but I am not sure that the next wave of feminism is about us hiding our sexuality. It should be about us embracing it, and if someone cannot take and cannot work with us because of it, then they should not, and it is an opportunity they lost.