Confidence – Play Big or go home!

Kym McNicholas – Confidence – Play Big! Here’s how!

People always say you know your career it’s a little all over the place, I tell them there’s a method to my madness I tell them there’s one commonality it’s called happiness, I’ve been happy with, you know, every single path I’ve taken.

You know I’ve been a sports anchor, I was a morning anchor in the Bay area, I was a weather anchor, I’ve done traffic, I’ve done energy news, I was the first online video reporter to be, t actually be accepted to the state capital press corp. in Sacramento in the state of California, it was just doing political stuff.

You know I’m,  right now I’m doing technology news, I’ve done regular business news, I’ve done stocks, I’ve done a little bit of everything but I know, you know when I went and started  working at Forbes it all paid off having a little experience of everything, it truly paid off in working there and then working at Forbes paved the way for me to work at Pando Daily, and I know Pando Daily is paving the way for me to suddenly become an entrepreneur, it’s what is inspiring me in the moment you don’t have to be stuck just because you go to law school and become a lawyer it doesn’t mean you have to become a lawyer or continue to become a lawyer.

My boyfriend actually went off to medical school, he majored in physics and then went off and went to medical school and while he was in medical school and doing his residency he realized you know what, I want to be an entrepreneur because I see so many inefficiencies in the medical world that I want to create something that is going to make a difference in the medical community, he went off and did that, another company bought them seeing a grander application for the technology he created and now he works in more general technology and just launched and airline, it’s what feels right for him in the moment and people think they have to have this straight path because they’re worried about what other people think or they’re scared to go in a different direction or they’re scared to feel different then they do right now but that different could be even grander happiness if you took the risk to go in that direction and focus on the happiness that you’re going to be feeling when you go in a different direction, that’s all I focus on.

And the worst parts for me, where I feel the most lost, is when I start focusing on what society thinks I should do, how society defines what a career should be or what success truly is but what success truly is, is what feels right to you and so every single time I start feeling out of alignment is when I’m focusing on society and how other people define success and focusing on what other people would want from me or how other people view me but when I focus on myself and what feels right for me, so many opportunities just come about.

I have never actually gotten a job I applied for, I’ve always gotten jobs that I’ve literally manifested, that have truly felt right for me. Like my job with Pandora Daily, I just decided one day I’m going to find my photographer and try a new job today and I’m going to find something that’s exactly what I want, that’s exactly what I’m doing right now and what I love about what I’m doing right now and what makes me happen here, I’m going to find that somewhere else. There are no jobs like that available, I created it within an hour of setting that intention and feeling what it was like to have that right position.