Community – Surround yourself with ambitious people

Jeff Kafka – Community – How hanging out with the best pushes you to become the best.

Okay, so we were talking about how community could, kind of, feel your experience and your success. And, with surfing and kiteboarding, big wave surfing, to be specific, that

surfing community has allowed me to, one, travel the world and go to these great locations, and surf with some of the best people in the world.

But, also, when you are out surfing with some of the best folks in the world, you push yourself to the next level, and you get bigger waves and more exciting experiences, and everything. With business, and actually through kiteboarding, you know, I have met some of the most successful tech folks, in the world. And, I have always been, like, their caddy, teaching them kiteboarding, or whatever. But, with this group, and traveling, and everything, we have learned a lot and grown, so now it is helping me be a lot more successful in business, as well because you can bounce ideas off of people, and it gives you a lot of confidence.