5 year plan – What matters the most

Chris Draft – 5 year plan – What matters the most are people, make sure you commit yourself to the right goal.

You ask what’s five years. That’s a very hard question. I finished up playing NFL in 2010, that was my five years in play. I was going to have my foundation. I would start working at the NFL office, and then be able to do some immediate things I was doing on the side. Now, it’s still very similar to that, still very similar, but completely changed when my wife was diagnosed with cancer.

If you see it from a foundation perspective, what we want to do is continue to raise our survivors up and make sure lung cancer knows this is a fight, or community of lung cancer, this is a fight for people. Not a fight against really a disease, not a fight because of numbers, not a fight for more diagnostics, more modalities, more that. No, it’s about people, it’s about them living.

Marzena Kmiecik: Is there anything specific in respect to the foundation that people accomplish? Is there anything, whoever is looking at this, they can contribute?

Yeah, so that’s the question that you’re asking is. I say we have to focus on that, and in doing that is raising up those survivors. We had our inaugural super bowl challenge so our was to make sure that continues to grow, so we potentially have up to 150 survivors compete against each other this year. We want that number to steadily grow, where they compete against each other, raising money for the cancer centers, and in the process, competing to see who goes to the super bowl, whoever raises the most.

Our goal is those cancer centers will be able to support them that much more, so we increase the survivors each year. We’re doing our second tackling cancer day. Again, the goal in terms of that is to be able to do that camp with all 32 teams. Hopefully doing some relationships with NFL, American Cancer Society, and the teams directly, then we’ll be able to do that here next year, and continue to build that from outside of just NFL but expanding up to college for the whole summer.

Those are a couple of things really cancer focused, but those are things we are working on. Somebody wanted to see it. You can see the work we put in already, really sets up those things where they can now go to the next level. Without the work, though, they wouldn’t be possible. With the work of the last few years, we’ve given ourselves a chance.