Co-Founder – Complement your strengths

Char Genevier – Co Founders – How to find one to complement your strengths.

So I left my previous startup and my long time ten year co-founder at the end of last December and that’s probably the hardest thing that I have ever had to do business wise in my life, it was the scariest leap of faith that I ever had to take.

The reason being that, you know we were together for ten years, we’ve been so successful together and you know the way that we kind of left it, it wasn’t as positive as I would have liked it, it really felt we were, you know, we were disagreeing how to run the business and so at the end of the day we really had to separate but cutting those ties was really challenging.

I mean, What if I fail? What if it turns out that all of the reasons why I was ever successful was because of him and I could never be successful again, and that thought has cross my mind pretty frequently ever since then.

And you know every day that I’m not failing, everyday you know I’m good at this or that they like my product or that they, you know, thought that I’m a good coder or whatever helped reinforce the notion that, you know,  I’m going to be successful but it’s hard, and I really fell at the beginning like; I was fairly paralyzed, what do I do now? How do I find someone else to work with? How do I do this on my own?

And so the way that I kind of coped with it was to have tons of meetings. Like just meeting with as many people as I possibly could and talk in front of coffee with magazine you know, do you know someone I can go in contract for? Do you know anybody who’s looking for a co-founder? And eventually, after it took several months, patience and you know doing a lot of crap I eventually found my co-founder, my current co-founder who I feel very blessed to have met and we’ve started this new business together but yeah I still sometimes think, am I going to be successful am I really like doing this? So it’s hard