Challenges – How not to sabotage yourself

Jen Lewin – Challenges – How not to sabotage yourself with your own broken process.

I think the biggest challenge is sort of figuring out where you own process is successful and where it’s failing and finding those holes.

In my case, I can go down certain paths that are really dysfunctional, in particular the engineering side, I can go down a path where I realize I’m engineering a product, and I’m not in the business of making products so I’ll start into these discussions oh I should patent this or we should turn this into this thing and I have to step back and say that’s not what I’m doing at all, so I have to really stay true to what I want and what I’m trying to do and not kind of derail myself based on other pressures or other things that I think I’m supposed to do,

In particular for me because I’m using so much technology I can very easily go down a path of engineering technology, and I could do that, that could be my future but I really don’t want to do that I want to do art so I have to constantly keep myself in check and I think that’s been something that’s been a real challenge for me to remember what I want, what I’m doing and really be honest with myself about the process and make sure I’m staying true to my process and true to what I want to do so for me that’s been by far the biggest challenge.

I realized that in small ways all the way through and I acknowledged it really early on, but I really realized it in my late twenties, I did a project that really became this abyss of technology and invention and I spent twelve months creating an amazing piece of software and in the end I didn’t want software I wanted the sculpture and I realized what I’d done wrong and it was sort of eye opening how much time and effort I had put into something that was not what I wanted at all so I kind of had to learn it the hard way.