Birdbox – Idea – Turn problems into opportunities

Ben Nunez – Birdbox – Idea – How we turned a problem into an opportunity – Elevator Pitch / Intro

My name is Ben Nunez and I’m the CEO of BirdBox.  BirdBox is a private group photo sharing app. And the origination came from last year. I had a bunch of buddies come in town for a guy’s trip. We went to lots of concerts and did a bunch of things—hiking and biking. And everybody was taking photos. And at the end of the trip, we all had photos on our phones, and we were all asking each other to send us the photos. Send us each other’s photos. And nobody ever did it. Some people shared one or two photos to FaceBook, or Instagram. And that was pretty much it. We all had 20, 30, 40 photos on our phones that we had each taken. We never ultimately had one photo album from all the photos from that entire trip. So that’s where we decided we wanted to build BirdBox.