Balance – How to prevent a burnout

Jen Lewin – Balance – How to prevent a burnout.

Balance is very, very difficult I mean even just last week I sort of realized I was working all of these, you know I was dropping the kids off, working the whole day, picking them up, doing homework and then going back to work it’s a little bit exhausting. That’s very challenging and that’s something I have keep in check all the time and I revisit it monthly, every six months, switch things around, making sure I’m eating and not just living off of coffee, exercising.

But at the same time there’s another piece to it which is that I love what I’m doing so it’s not like I’m dealing with the balance from the perspective of when I was living in Palo Alto where I had a balance issue too except I hated what I was doing, here I love what I’m doing but I still need to make sure I’m eating and sleeping and exercising.