Balance – Create balance when launching a startup

Jeff Kafka – Balance – How to create balance in life when launching & running a startup.

So, talking about balance, I would have to say that is probably the hardest thing in life. Is balancing, you know, startup companies or a business with life’s pleasures.

You know, I am a father of two kids, and, balancing family life with business—definitely the hardest thing.

I think the key to being successful in balance is, just, maximizing your time. Work hard, play hard type motto. But also, keeping everything slightly divided. So knowing when to shut off your phone to focus on your family. Knowing when to go take your family on vacation versus a work trip. You know, sometimes you might have to give up the big deal to keep your family life successful. But, you know, balance is about just being committed, and just keeping at it. I think.