Attraction – Take ownership of what you attract

Kym McNicholas – Attraction – Take Ownership of what you attract in your life.

In terms of attracting really what you want in life, whether it’s a career, whether it’s a relationship, whether it’s family, whether it’s friends, you really need to surround yourself with people who make you feel, let me scratch the make… people who you feel happy around and the reason I switched from the people who make you happy, one thing that you have to come to terms with is that it’s not about other people making you happy, it’s not about how other people make you feel, it’s how you feel inside and what you can do to make you feel happy.

It’s who you choose to be around to make you feel your happiest, it’s the career you choose where you’re the happiest and one great example is a relationship, people go into relationships with a man or a woman and they say I want to be with this person who makes me feel like this, so they make it that the other person is responsible for their happiness, to go into a job and expecting the job to make them happy, they need to feel this happiness themselves, they need to feel like they’re more in control of their own happiness or else they’re going to live a life of disappointment because if they take ownership of their own happiness and they take responsibility for it that’s more of what they’re going to attract and it’s been a whole discovery process for me and I’m just now taking ownership of because everything I thought about relationships and what I was looking for completely went out the window a couple of months ago when I met this life coach I’ve been working with, and with working with her every single fear I’ve ever had about relationships is all coming true but in handling it still at that point I was still having this other person in control of my happiness and the moment I started taking control of my own it completely shifted the dynamic of the relationship. I’m no longer holding him responsible for my happiness.

If we’re on a hike somewhere, and he’s off doing his own thing I’m unhappy because he’s up there doing his hike and I want him here? I’m holding him responsible for my happiness on the hike but it’s really my responsibility to say, what is going to make me happy on this hike despite this other person and when I shifted to that mindset he started to come around and that’s what you have to remember, I don’t know if this makes sense to other people who are listening or watching this, but it literally just started making sense to me and as it started making sense to me I started to see a whole difference, not only with the person I’m dating but also in my career, and with my friends.

So I had this really rough night at work where we had this terrible production and because I was feeling really terrible about it, the night kept getting worse and I started feeling icky and people started treating me horribly about the situation, they started coming down on me about it and the next day I was feeling even worse, even sicker to my stomach, this other person, one of my colleagues, was treating me even worse and I had to stop for a second.

It took me a million times over trying to align myself and one of the tricks is, that my coach taught me is, the law of attraction works in seventeen seconds so what you do in order to stop this law of attraction, if you believe in the law of attraction, to stop attracting this horribleness in my life I needed to stop and count to seventeen countless times, over and over and over again just not focusing on anything, and then immediately when I was done start focusing on what was positive about that night, the fact that you know what, the night is even over I feel great that it’s all over, I feel great that you know what, the lighting looked good and I feel great that you know what, I learned so much from that evening and I feel amazing that I also met some great people through the process and I feel great that I took ownership of what had happened that evening and immediately when I started doing that, the dynamic between my colleague and I suddenly shifted without even saying a word I mean, she came to me and was suddenly completely different towards me, my energy completely shifted and hers shifted along with it.

So it’s really about, once again, it starts from within and when it starts from within you’re going to start seeing the difference in the people that come into your life, and the career that comes into your life and the men or women that come into your life and how your family treats you. As soon as I started being different as well, even my family started acting different towards me. So, the law of attraction…