Attitude – Successful habits & character traits

Chris Draft – Attitude – Nothing great can be accomplished without enthusiasm. Train yourself to have the right perspective.

So I said choice, commitment, and the third was enthusiasm. That doesn’t really come from playing as much as when I taught Special Ed kids when I was in high school. It was tremendous, very fulfilling to be able to do it. One of the things that I really took away was the excitement that the kids brought each day. If someone is Special Ed, we understand their diminished capacity. So their ability to really acquire knowledge, to absorb knowledge, was lesser. But their want to, their energy was not. And so, every day I could see that passion. It reminded me with my talent level, if I could bring that same type of passion with my talents, that same type of enthusiasm with my talents, it could be something amazing.

There’s a saying that nothing can be accomplished without enthusiasm. That’s a great point about enthusiasm. Think about it. That is so important. It’s not just making a choice to be there, it’s not just having a commitment. But then it is finding joy and the fact that you made that choice and the fact that you are making that commitment and that you are doing something that is different. It’s hard, and it’s difficult. It’s wearing you out, it’s tearing your body up. The next day you’re better for it. Three days later you’re better for it. You can feel that difference. You can feel it.

It’s enthusiasm because someone is there and is staying on you and is challenging you to get your best. And you know if you’re willing to listen, if you’re willing to be in that moment, that you will get closer to your full potential that anyone else could do if they were doing it by themselves.

Marzena Kmiecik: What is the advice for somebody who doesn’t have people like that in their life? How do you cultivate that in yourself?

That’s such a great question. It’s the reason why our foundation is empowering families to live out their lifestyle, because we recognize that is actually very difficult individually, to be able to do that.

Marzena Kmiecik: What’s the name of the foundation?

Chris Draft Family Foundation. We know that’s difficult. It’s important to have people around you that can help motivate you. It’s important to have folks that are coaches that you can really talk to them about what you’re doing so you can see those little improvements, or those little things that you need to eliminate. And so, individually, it’s important that you really assert that you make a choice. Really assert that commitment, and as individuals, it’s important that you individually accept why you’re doing it. Because if you’re by yourself more, there’s not going to be those people around that are going to give you love; those fans that are going to be on you as much. So it’s important that you really recognize more so why you’re doing it, and why it’s important in your life.