Ambition – Prepare to kick ass

Kym McNicholas – Ambition – Prepare to kick ass.

I have another example of how to manifest your own destiny and I’m going to tell you, I didn’t realize at the time that this is really what I’m doing but, I wanted to be the reporter for the Sacramento Kings, they were hiring a girl that would be… travel to all the games, interview all the players, do all the stories on the players and post on the website, they had their own show that they sold to Comcast that would have the Sacramento Kings show before every game that I would potentially get to appear on, but I was told they were doing auditions all over the U.S. for models and actresses and women who are over six feet tall, drop dead gorgeous, hair down to their waste you know, short mini skirt and big boobs, I am the antithesis of that, I’m short, five foot three, stocky, everything that they were not looking for but I was the only sports anchor in the entire area, I was like this is the perfect job for me.

So the guy who was actually the main anchor for the Sacramento Kings show said you know guys, Kym really knows her stuff, she’s been following the Sacramento Kings since 1996 and this was like ten years later, he was like you really need to give her a shot, and they’d already done six or seven auditions and couldn’t find the right person to actually do the job so they ended up bringing me in and they loved me, I went in there with two full pages of every story I would do on every single player and you know, all the ways to use social media to promote the team and to create this amazing, engaging, interactive games and such with the audience and the players and I had all these ideas and went in with them and they didn’t end up hiring me for the full time job because there was a grander, there was some red tape and there was a girl who was married to one of the guys on staff and blah, blah, blah but it turns out I was still so committed to this job that I felt it was so right for me, to the point that I went on the website and took her page with her profile on it, I replaced  and photoshopped it with my picture and my bio and I posted it on the ceiling of my room so every morning I woke up and looked at it, and then every day I would write in this journal for two weeks, exactly what my day was like with the Sacramento Kings and doing one of the stories that I had given them the idea to do.

Needless to say this girl, who had worked for the NBA at some point, that has this cute little tape that she had a professional create with her stuff, was not any good. They didn’t know what to do, they had to hire an acting coach to help her. So they ended up calling me, we don’t know what to do, we have these major stories, we really need you so they brought me on as a freelancer to do the stories that I wanted to do.