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The one thing that I wish I’ve known when I was younger and in college or whatever is to really sort of check your ego.

You don’t know everything, I still don’t know everything, I mean I don’t think I will ever know everything so you need to not be afraid to keep learning, not be afraid to, you know, admit that there might be a better way in doing things.

When we first hired our first employee, I remember he told me something I was doing wrong in the code, my way worked but it wasn’t really the right way of doing it and I remember getting very defensive about it and briskly saying I’m the boss, like I know what I’m doing and it took me far too long to realize that I really should be learning from my employee as much as, you know, they are learning from me and not worrying about who’s right or who’s better,  it’s ridiculous. So that’s the biggest lesson I wish I could learn sooner.