Adventure Speaks – Adventure stories as motivational tools

Greg Spooner – Adventure Story – Let experiences become the by-products of your venture.

We get a lot of people coming up to us, asking us when we can come to their business, to their home, to their community and tell the story because the story really is, at its heart, just a wonderful, exciting, inspiring, beautiful story of human adventure and endeavor and perseverance and exploration.

So separate from Oar Northwest, Jordan and I started a small, little group called Adventure Speaks. So what we do is we connect with groups much like, just recently, the San Diego Rowing Club and their end of year junior rowing event and I get the opportunity to stand in front of a crowd of exquisitely motivated and bright young students who have just worked their tails off for an entire season and are celebrating this big moment; and to get to speak in front of their families and their parents and people of the organization itself and tell the story and really get to see how what we experience from a hardship perspective, from a teamwork perspective, from a learning and life lesson perspective and how really, us being in the middle of the ocean is a heck of a lot more adaptable in real life terms to everything that the 14 year old is going through, to everything that the 24 year old is going through, 34, 44, all through the lifespan and to get to share that opportunity through Adventure Speaks is exciting.

Yeah, it’s a thrill to go and row across the ocean and be in a 29ft. row boat that is surfing down a 15 ft. swell, not something that anybody tends to imagine themselves doing like myself, but to be honest with you, it’s just as much of a thrill if not more so sometimes to be able to stand in front of a group and deliver a message that they can truly connect with and then come up to me afterward with a sense of pride saying, “I really connected with what you were talking about, I loved the message,” and to me, that just makes my day and I look forward to that opportunity every time.