Accessibility – Transform STEM into STEAM curriculum

Greg Spooner – Accessibility – Inject creativity into lessons & transform STEM into STEAM curriculum.

So we have the great fortune of meeting people who could help us take everything that we learned from the ocean and translate it into something that could be consumable by the public and being consumable in a way where you could just take little bite sizes of whatever you wanted to learn about the environment that were traveling through and it wasn’t going to be something that just the general public could appreciate but it was going to be something that we could actually present to a teacher, present to a school administration and say, “Here are standard alalliance¬†lessons that follow the stem-focus of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math,” really big, really important these days in academia; and then add a little something extra which is the Arts, so really in a sense making it STEAM-focused education and making it something that the teacher would be able to actually integrate into his or her curriculum, whether it’s in the classroom at school or in home school and bring these real lessons to life, activities that the kids are going to learn about but making it really, making it something they can really connect to and making something where as they are looking at how nitrates that are finding their way into the river from fertilizer are affecting the environment locally, affecting the people locally, affecting the industry locally and maybe upstream or downstream and bringing a certain sense of reality to these lessons that I think give the student an opportunity to really let it stick.

There’s a real lack of this type of programing available and I don’t say that because I’ve just been reading up on it, I say that because we hear about that from teachers we talk to every single time and we hear about the response from the kids and how all of a sudden there’s a twinkle in their eye, there’s a spark on the mind that says, I’m excited to come to school, I’m excited to learn about this today and not only do I get to see what’s happening in real life with these real men and women who are doing this but there is an opportunity for them to then actually talk to us and ask us those direct questions and let us connect with them; live video; direct from the middle of the ocean and inspire them in a way that I don’t think they truly have a way to be academically inspired.