5 Year Vision – How ambition drives action

5 Year Vision – How ambition drives action.

In 5 years I really want to do something global that requires orchestration amongst global communities around art and design, I really want to do this. I kind of want it to be global but I might even want it to be in space. I really might want a situation where lots of different groups have to collaborate and interact together, deal with their bureaucracy and come together and make something around the art community.

Pools on the moon, but I mean there is something beautiful about us having to come together around art, I mean it’s such a great, great thing it’s such a great humanist thing for us to do. So for me that’s what I would like to do, I would like to be in a global environment. If it flopped and didn’t work, I would still somehow be in design and art and it would still be community focused.

I’m not an artist who is just alone at home in my studio painting, as much as I have really good friends who are like that and make really good work, I am definitely someone who wants to make a community table and have everyone gathered for a meal and make something that involves everyone and so I would find some way to make that happen. Even if I stopped everything and ran a coffee shop, the coffee shop would be about engaging people in some way and bringing them together and it’d be bold design.