5 Year Plan – How to manifest reality

5 Year Plan – How to manifest reality.

So of course in five years I’m hoping that The Cotery is widely successful and that we are the place that designers go to start, you know, start their labels, yeah, that would be an ideal scenario; If I’m still working on it, great; if it has been acquired by a larger company, great; like I, you know, really any of those paths would be amazing.

If The Cotery does not succeed then I really do think I will still be an entrepreneur really, I’ll still be in the startup world, I think I want to be building companies, I probably would start again as a CTO instead of a CEO but I really do want to keep building companies and being entrepreneurial.

There is really just so much to be said for being able to sort of set your own schedule and know that what you’re working on is what you want to be working on and not just because somebody else told you to work on it.