5 Year Plan – Create a sustainable organization

Devin Hibbard – 5 Year Plan – How to create an organization that can evolve & grow without you.

In five years, I don’t know where I’ll be exactly. Maybe I’ll still be with Bead for Life, although I think it’s really healthy for founders to leave at some point and let the organization continue to evolve. If Bead for Life couldn’t exist without me, I would think it would be all a total failure, because I want to build something that is not about Devin and my persona, but really about a sustainable organization that can move beyond me and can still be effective and change lives.

So, I think I definitely have a couple years left engineering this change and where we’re going to go and really thinking about how we scale the entrepreneurial training for women is really exciting to me. But at some point, maybe it’s not five years. Within 10 years, I will do something else, and I have no idea what that looks like. Something around poverty eradication, for sure, but with a sustainable focus.

I really do believe in helping people earn their way out of poverty that’s sustainable.   So it’ll be something engaged with that, In five years, I think Bead for Life will look quite different than we look know. My hope is that our distribution is much broader, that we have not only women who are bring beads into their communities, that will always be core of what we do, and we love that, because they can really share the story and the essence of the woman in Uganda, but also that we’re distributed in thousands of stores around the world, that maybe we’re doing private label products for different companies.

And that we have some high visibility partnerships. I think that there’s a lot of incredible stories that we have to tell and we’re not reaching as many people yet as we like.  And I’d love for us to continue to have great media presence too, because I think it’s a story that people need to hear. And then globally, in five years, I think we’ll have reached a million entrepreneurs around the world.

I really have a vision that we could share our curriculum, we could make an amazing product, both in terms of the content we have, which is not rocket science. It’s not that nobody knows this, but it’s packaged in the right way and then delivered, and working with women who are living on a dollar a day, because there’s things that those women need that is about confidence and trust in yourself that you don’t teach through a curriculum, that it’s really about how you work with them and how you partner with them in a way that sees their capacity as a human being.

And so I think we have really something to teach, not only about the content, but the delivery, and that we will learn from other smart organizations and try to incorporate best practices that they’re doing and have something that we really can share with people around the world that will make a different for millions of them.