3 Success Pillars – Making STEM accessible

Greg Spooner – 3 Success Pillars – How to make STEM focused edu and adventure accessible to all.

Oar Northwest was founded 10 years ago and we’ve evolved over this past 10 years; we’re almost like a continual startup and we have our foundational tools and our foundational pillars that we are working with for the future and the first of three pillars is Adventure because that’s what it all comes down to, adventure beyond and adventure within. The second is Research because if we’re going to be traveling all of these amazing locations we are in a unique position to partner with organizations and universities to bring home very good data to help promote policy down the road. The third is Education, where we’re taking what we’re learning and we’re sharing it with everybody else.

Now, none of this happens by ourselves, it all happens because of the community of the people and the partners that we have, that come forward, they go to oarnorthwest.com, they go to rowboatclassroom.com, they get my phone number and my email and they call us and say, “How can we help?” or “How do you want to work together?” And together we have a wonderful opportunity to make stem-focused education an adventure and an inspiration, something that’s accessible to anybody with an internet connection worldwide.