Revelation – Push yourself out of your comfort zones

John Georgis – Revelation – Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

In 2004 I saw the writing on the wall with my company. I knew it wasn’t going to end well, probably sooner than later and it did, about six months later.

But I’ve met a friend and she said, “You should go to this thing call Burning Man”. I’ve had heard of Burning man back in the 90s but I didn’t know of anybody who has actually been, I ran into this homey name Ben and we started chatting. I said, well fine I’m going to go and I went to burning man by myself; nobody goes to burning man by themselves, but I had no friends who wanted to go or could go.

So I took a week off from work and went to the Burning Man by myself which is weird, had an amazing time and it opened my eyes to a different way of living that it wasn’t all corporate; because I had surround myself with all professional people on the same track and we were all college graduates, all very white collar and when I went up to burning man I saw a whole different way to live. And I thought, life is too short, I got back in September and by January 2005 I bought the bus. In the meantime I built a light up tuxedo and a flame thrower, in the meantime this is my next project so there you go Burning Man.