Priorities – Stay organized when self employed

Sharon Glassman – Priorities – How to stay organized when you work for yourself.

I write to do lists, every once in a while I come across the advice chart of to do list which is a brilliant piece of advice. I’m one of these people who write things down and then look at the list again but occasionally I won’t do it.

With my novel speed project which is what the fall version of my live novel of songs is called, I have a tremendous deadline. Every Wednesday I’m reading forty pages of a novel that has to be edited, I’m writing a new song, every Wednesday. Sometimes the songs don’t get started until 2:30 and I’m leaving my house at 5:30 and its complete songs, complete three minutes songs. I thrive on that kind of pressure but I’m also a big nerd and I’m never going to miss a deadline. So it’s a little bit of, like I sound all badass, I’m not that badass, I’m a complete wimp and I’m a complete nerd but I like that limited time frame.

My idea of cheating is maybe sometimes I start on sunday to write the entire novel, it’s crazy but also, I’m not a night person; I’m a morning person I know that from college when I had to do extra work. I would get up from 5:30 in the morning; I wouldn’t be staying up until 2am, that’s me. I have also been reading about the introvert mortality, are you familiar with that, which are people who tend to take in a lot of information and they need to have quite time and process it and I’m one of those people so at 8 o’clock I’m going to be watching TV, am I watching it, can I tell you what happened on this week on Americas Got Talent? probably not, but I would need the World to shut off at that point, that’s how I am so I think it’s really identifying what we charges.

My boyfriend who is a musician, who also has a day job, is the opposite. He revs up, the more he does up and takes in the happier of a person he is and so at a certain point I just go like, I’m done, its chocolate pudding bad TV time but it’s productive time, that’s the time I’m recharging my battery. So the question is: what kind of battery do you have? Is it like you know your belly button; is it an inny or outy? Huge fan of Suzan Kane book quite, huge fan of the book The Introvert Advantage, if you tend to be an inny, these are brilliant book and it also legitimizes the fact that they’re both valid in the processes. But if you want to try and define yourself the other way you’re probably will run yourself down and not get a lot done …. so for me I learn not to feel guilty and I get done really quickly and then I need to be dormant for a significant amount of time.

In the end I think it’s how you get it done, what’s your deadline and also what’s your financial budget. So if you’re doing a project, a creative project, know what the cost of that is going to be and where your boundary is. So if it’s going to cost you too much in learning that you might be earning doing something else, have you recalibrate that? Do you raise your fees in another area? Do you put this on hold for a little while? All that’s cool but really not what your financial game is and I think it also helps you go, it’s a yes or no, or either time expensive, demand your time from other people, that’s an interesting offer maybe, it’s not going to help me get here; whereas I’m doing this well so for now not good either but I will do this.