Nothing great can be accomplished without enthusiasm. ~ Waldo Emerson

Jim Cavale asks the audience: what kind of legacy would you like to leave behind, what do you want your life to stand for. What is your intent? He starts his talk at TEDx Birmingham by sharing his mother’s legacy and perspective she has passed onto him and leaves everyone with a formula he wishes would change the way this world operates.

Jim passes on a story he lived by shared by his mother: The book of life-
We are all part of a larger story. In this larger story, your story is just a speck. This larger story is written by a master author. Your chapter is co-authored by you with contributors like family members and other people around you that have affected you. But you are co-authoring your chapter in the grand scheme of this larger story, this book of life. This book has stories of past, lives that have been lived, the present, lives that we are living, and the future, lives that will be lived by our kids and their kids and beyond. And if you can live with intent, your chapter can leave a legacy, your chapter can leave an impact that lives on well after you’re gone.

How can you do something big. How can you change the world? Watch this video and ponder.

How to leave a lasting legacy through intent.

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