Intentions – Set intentions & make a difference

Devin Hibbard – Intentions – How to set intentions & unite to make a difference.

The three co-founders…we’re all very close. And in January of 2004, we sat down right after New Year’s, we lit a candle, and we said, they knew they were going to Uganda, and Ginny’s family is very involved in the Dominican Republic, and I was graduating from my master’s program.

And we said: this year, let’s do something together, around women. Let’s do something that we can all have fun, play together, and make a difference. We lit a candle and made an intention. And then here we are in Uganda, and here comes this thing. And literally, it was like, well, no! That’s not what we meant. Be careful what you ask for.

Don’t just say to the world, we want to do something together, you don’t want to do business, say you want an orphanage, because this is what the world sent us. I think one of the pieces of wisdom was just being like, okay! You know? We don’t know what we’re doing, but the fact that we don’t know what we’re doing has made all of this work.