Growth – Generate revenue for nonprofit

Devin Hibbard – Growth – Tips on how to generate revenue & business for your nonprofit.

I think my advice on generating business is that it’s about relationships. I don’t think it’s rocket science, but it truly is building a win/win for you and for your customer. In our case, it’s really telling stories, and it’s inviting women to participate with us in a way that gives them something.

So it’s not just how they can help us, or how they can help women in Uganda. It’s also what can they get form this experience? In the case of the women we work with here in North America, it’s that they give us a sense of meaning. It’s that they feel like they’re making a difference. It’s the bigger sense of connection, and it’s amazing to me how often I run into people who are somehow affiliated with Bead for Life, and they’ll me that their project Bead for Life.

It’s like they take ownership of it, in a really wonderful way. So, it feels like it really is bigger than the sum of the parts. And although we’re a nonprofit and we have a really feel good story, I think the same is true for business.

It’s about looking at what each person needs, and helping to achieve it. And I think the core is relationships. If you build a personal relationship with someone, and you can help them somehow, and they can help you somehow, then it’s not trying to negotiate a sale. It’s really a mutual exchange.