e-Learning – Solutions for today’s lean startup founder

Sam McAfee – e-Learning – How to create solutions for today’s lean startup founder – Elevator Pitch / Intro

So, my name is Sam McAfee and I’m VP of engineering at Luxr. Luxr is in the business of building an online learning tool for entrepreneurs. It’s basically a set of video workshops, covering an array of different subjects by leading authors and their fields. Things like engineering, analytics, and sales, and all different kinds of topics. Basically, all those are practical information that entrepreneurs would want to know. When they run into that problem, they go to Luxr and watch a workshop specifically about that topic. And what’s interesting about the content that we’re putting together is that these are hands on workshops using your own content, your own ideas. They’re not sort of abstract, theoretical concepts. They’re very much step by step walking through your product, doing the exercises, and at the end of the workshop, having a sense of clarity about how to take the next step. So that’s really the content behind it. And some of the content is really great and really exciting, and I’m really looking forward to seeing it go live.