Creativity – How to solve problems creatively

Charlotte Genevier – Creativity – How to solve problems creatively.

I’m not typically the one that comes up with the ideas for my startups, I usually, you know,  in the past I had co-founder who’s the ones that comes up with the idea per say but you know I’ve been pitched on a lot of startup as a technical co-founder especially during the time when I was contracted.

I had a ton of people coming to me saying ‘hey I have this idea, hey I have thas other idea’ and at the end of the day it really was about what your gut was telling you, what my gut was telling me and where I wanted to go, what idea I thought would be both valuable and something that I would be interested in and something I was good at, and you know that’s how I choose the Cotery because I really felt that It was something I could be really good at, I thought it was a huge opportunity.

I didn’t know at the time when I signed on, that it would be a huge opportunity but once I did sign on I really did everything in my power to research that so, you know, and talk with designers and talked with manufacturers and talked with people in the industry and try to understand did I really make the right decision before it gets too late, before I get too much down this rabbit hole; is this really the idea that I think it is? So far so good, we won’t really know, until we launch, whether people are saying is what they actually believe but the feedback has been really positive, makes me really excited about it.

As far as creativity, I’m maybe less creative in the sense of coming up with big sweeping ideas that will change the world and more creative in terms of how I approach those ideas if that make sense. You know problem solving wise, like you have to be creative, you have to think about new ways of solving problems and new ways of approaching existing problems in order to make it easier for people so that’s probably where my creativity lends itself best towards.