Concept – From idea & concept to business

Ben Nunez – Concept – How to take idea from concept to business.

How did we take it from concept to a business?

Well, the first step that we went through was talking to lots of people, so we have a hypothesis. That people would want an app that enabled to collaborate and share photos into one spot, privately, around a holiday or a vacation or family. Topic of interest, something like that. That was our hypothesis. And it was based sort of on real world examples and real world living ourselves.

In order to make sure that that’s actually something that potentially millions of people want, we have to talk to lots of people. So we set up little 10, 15 minute interviews with as many people as we possibly could, asked them how they solved this problem today. So we did a lot of questioning of people and asking you if you went on vacation with 10 people, how would you at the end of the trip, or during the trip, get all the photos together into one spot? So we would just interview lots of people and ask the same exact 10 questions to as many people as we possibly could so that we would get a structured data response and figure out where we could find the common denominators across all of the answers, and find commonalities within those answers.

It all went into that to validate, before we go build something, it was worth building. And talking to lots and lots of people, everybody, 99 percent of the people all shared this problem. They all solved it through things like email, text message. More sophisticated people used DropBox.  But for the most part, nobody really had a consistent good answer, which to us, identified an opportunity.