Background – Diverse life experiences enrich the mind

Background – Diverse life experiences enrich the mind.

Andy Belk
: So, I’m Andy Belk. I currently work at Apple in The Valley.
Before Apple, I worked at Azul Systems, where Geetha was as well… and then were back at Apple. But I started at NeXT when I first came out to Silicon Valley. And then, before that, I was in an investment bank and, before that, a PhD in particle physics.

Geetha Vallabhaneni: And he’s a Batman during night. [Laughs]

Andy: With great power comes great responsibility! [Laughs]

Geetha: Nice… exactly. I am Geetha Vallabhaneni and I’m co-founder and CEO of Luminix, Inc. and we are a mobile enterprise company. We want, essentially, to transform how enterprise-software works, geared for mobile devices. But, before that, I worked for a bunch of start-ups and I worked at Sun Microsystems…it’s a big company… and then I have a chemical engineering degree and a computer science degree.