5 Year Strategy – How to achieve your goals

Devin Hibbard – 5 Year Strategy – Having a 5 year strategy is one thing but here is how to achieve your goals.

Bead for Life is interesting because we really did start very organically. We did not start out with a business plan and a grand scheme of our five year strategy. And so we’ve been very organic, and we’ve responded to the opportunities as they’ve come, and the challenges that come. I think that if I have one piece of advice for people, it’s just to start wherever you are.

Because it’s never going to be the right time, it’s never going to have everything fall into place. If you have passion about something, dive into it. I think the other thing for me as a woman is that I used to second guess everything that I did. And as I’ve grown up and gotten more confidence, I realized that you never do everything right. And a lot of what you do is perfect, and it’s the right thing at the right time. And if you spend a lot of time second guessing yourself, your wasting a huge amount of your resources.

So to be decisive and to know that if you are passionate about it, to invest and to go for it, and to stick with it, sometimes it’s really hard, and sometimes you don’t see where it’s going. I believe that trusting your gut is also really important. To have a plan, but if it doesn’t feel right, or if you think you really should go in this direction, but you don’t have the data to show why, listen to that.

It’s really important to know if you know what your business is, and you have an idea that you want to follow. My sense is that it’s good to follow it.